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    • Aitrich Professional Network (APN)


Aitrich Professional Network(APN) is a network of technology professionals associated to Aitrich Technologies through any of the entry channels. APN works as a platform for generating and sharing professional opportunities for all the members in the industry, without any geographical limits.

Features of APN

1) Placement Services, training & support
2) Freelancing/contract opportunities

3) Corporate Training assignments

4) In-house technology training assignments

5) Mobile app development partnerships

6) Mobile app development and distribution support

7) Aitrich Talent Acquisition

8) Aitrich Partner’s Talent Acquisition

How to become a member of APN

An Aitrich Trained Professional(ATP), who completes a training program at the Training Division of Aitrich Technologies becomes a member of APN automatically as he gets certified(ATP). So, choosing a training program at Aitrich Technologies is the only and easy way of ensuring your membership in APN and availing its services.

Placement Services offered by APN

APN partners with software companies regionally as well as globally for meeting their resource and technology demands. It serves as a platform that provides a pool of talents who can work on various business models suitable for the members as well as the partners. While a partner can choose a candidate on a permanent or contract basis, full-time or part-time, in-house or remote, a member can choose from the available employment options provided by the partners.
APN arranges pre-screening, interviews and other selection procedures, on behalf of the partner. For the candidate, APN provides interview training and other supports. This support includes the following activities:
1) Soft skill Training

2) Aptitude test preparation

3) Tech test/interview preparation

4) Additional supplementary technology skills

5) Mock tech./HR interviews – tips to handle interviews

6) Arrange real interviews for the ready candidates

7) Feedback and improvements sessions for the failed candidates

8) Arrange multiple interviews till the candidate succeed

9) Live Project exposure and experience certificate
Some of the above listed items are not free, the member needs to purchase from Aitrich Technologies Training Division via APN, on a discounted rate.

Freelancing/contract opportunity

Many software companies (partners) have short-term assignments for a software project, for example, building an iPhone or Android app, on a contract basis. This is ideal for an ATP who pursues his academic studies, and hence cannot join a company on full time. APN assesses his capability, helps him to improve it and makes him to fit to take up the opportunity, provided the candidate puts genuine efforts. Contract assignments provides the members to gain experience, project exposure and monitory benefits, without leaving his current studies/job.

Corporate training assignments

Corporate training is a short-term but intensive training programs mixed with theoretical lessons as well as practical workshops designed to train a team of engineers in a very quick and effective manner. Usually software houses arrange this kind of training to mold their existing team of experienced engineers (in some other technology) or freshers before jump-starting into a new project. Corporate Training Programs can last from just two days to two weeks time, 8 hours a day.If an APN member is proficient in a particular technology, has training and presentation skills, ready go for a short-term training program, APN will assess him, polish his skills and finally send him for corporate training programs as a trainer. Few such assignments will make him a professional corporate trainer. Corporate Trainers enjoy a higher level of freedom, satisfaction and pay package.

In-house technology training assignments

An active member of APN will be the first choice for the requirements from in-house training programs. For the candidates who are proficient in a particular technology with training aspiration, this will the best opportunity to strengthen their subject knowledge and polish their teaching skills while in job search. Such candidates will be the first preference for corporate training assignments.

Mobile app development partnerships

Mobile app development is a high demanding area where there is a lot of scope for individual developers. Such candidates with good concepts and programming skills can partner with Aitrich in a mutually beneficial manner. Aitrich will help such candidates in tuning and implementing their concepts into a sellable product and promote it through proper marketing. The main benefit for an APN member by partnering with Aitrich will be value of Aitrich brand name, credibility, marketing techniques etc. in addition to technical support.

Mobile app development and distribution support

A candidate with aspiration and skill in mobile app development can also develop it by own and take only Aitrich support for only distribution. Aitrich will guide such candidates in promoting their products in different ways.

Aitrich Talent Acquisition

Aitrich has lot of requirements for talented resources for its development as well as training division. To satisfy the current and future employment requirements at Aitrich, we run a special talent acquisition program which is a process of finding and highly talented individuals who will integrate smoothly and productively into the organization and its culture. The talent acquisition division will consistently monitor the performance of APN members and those who are finding suitable will be absorbed by Aitrich.

Aitrich Partner’s Talent Acquisition

Aitrich deals with a variety of clients who often approach Aitrich for skilled resources. For such requirements Aitrich uses the talent acquisition division to find suitable resources from the APN members and place them without any delay.

Aitrich Partner’s Talent Acquisition

Aitrich deals with a variety of clients who often approach Aitrich for skilled resources. For such requirements Aitrich uses the talent acquisition division to find suitable resources from the APN members and place them without any delay.

How APN Works

1) The activities of APN will be primarily controlled by a team called APNC ( APN Cell )
2) APNC will be the main interface for students & APN members for all related activities
3) APNC will ensure that all the students get enrolled in APN on successful course completion.
4) APNC will plan and co-ordinate the support program for APN members which include different trainings, mock tests, interviews etc. These events will be pre planned and the details of the same will be available as a calendar in our web site.
5) APN members will have to register for such programs along with enrollment.
6) Old APN members also can attend such programs on prior registration.
7) APNC will work on identifying other requirements like freelancing, corporate training assignments etc..and will send regular updates to the APN members.
8) APNC will keep track of the progress of each student in the support program and will arrange interviews for those who come out successfully.
9) APNC will co-ordinate with Talent acquisition division for fulfilling internal as well as client requirements for talented resources.

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