We have launched our new Enterprise Mobility solution for Productivity, Acceleration, Fast Delivery
Launching of Readers App
Our latest project Readers App was successfully launched for Dubai Government.
Our new Games uploaded in Appstore and google play

  • Area of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

    Responsive Web Designs

    Websites have changed with time. With the emergence of Mobile devices and multi sized screens, Websites are gaining much relevance. Aitrich provides the latest and the best solution. Be it a desktop, laptop, Tablet, smartphone we have a single website solution. Presenting Responsive Websites. A one stop solution for changing screen size and devices. Get in touch with Aitrich and be Responsive with your Website.

    Cloud Based Solutions

    Cloud based solutions are the future and Aitrich has a team dedicated for providing the best solutions for our Clients. Be it HRMS or Payroll or be it Edutainment, Aitrich has delivered the best Cloud based solution for the complete satisfaction of the Clients.


    Java team at Aitrich has been a place where innovation has been at the forefront. With Cloud based solutions already delivered, The Java team is already working with tools like Thymeleaf and JavaFx at the same time being experienced in Spring and Hibernate. Aitrich has delivered great satisfaction to our Clients with the best technology innovations in Java while being at the forefront of using Scala in various applications.


    The .NET team at Aitrich has been a team which has been defining innovations. They have delivered number of Windows 8 applications at the same time satisfying the clients for their Web Application requirements. The Metro Apps have taken the world by storm and our Windows 8 team has kept up the pace and submitted great to the Store. Aitrich also has a managed Windows Azure services thus proving our expertise in Cloud based applications.

    Mobile App Development

    The Mobile Development team at Aitrich includes iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 along with Cross Platform HTML5 team. Our Mobile Apps and Games as well as the one developed for our Business partners stand symbolic of the quality of our Mobile Division. Our Metro style apps are generating great reviews. The iOS team has been able to deliver client projects at the same time upload number of Apps to the Appstore showcasing the immense talent in them. The Android team has been able to deliver number of client applications for Sales, Games, Utility and the financial segment. The PhoneGap/Sencha team (Cross Platform Mobile Development) has redefined the use of HTML5 and delivered visually magical apps for the clients.

Sliding Panel

Here's our sliding panel/drawer made using jQuery with the toggle function and some CSS3 for the rounded corners

This panel could also be placed on the right. This could be particularly useful if, like me, you have a left-aligned website layout.

A Little Something About Me

Jon Phillips

My name's Jon, I'm a freelance designer, blogger, musician. I run SpyreStudios and I specialize in WordPress blogs, CSS, XHTML and PHP


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