We have launched our new Enterprise Mobility solution for Productivity, Acceleration, Fast Delivery
Launching of Readers App
Our latest project Readers App was successfully launched for Dubai Government.
Our new Games uploaded in Appstore and google play

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  • Recent trend shows that the users are shifting from desktops to smart phones and tablets to surf the internet and look for products and services. Due to the massive popularity in smart phones and the ever increasing growth in mobile internet access is urging the companies to look for mobile web as the next big technology.
  • The Mobile Web is fast becoming the most dominant destination for social connectivity, shopping, News and Local Information.

Sliding Panel

Here's our sliding panel/drawer made using jQuery with the toggle function and some CSS3 for the rounded corners

This panel could also be placed on the right. This could be particularly useful if, like me, you have a left-aligned website layout.

A Little Something About Me

Jon Phillips

My name's Jon, I'm a freelance designer, blogger, musician. I run SpyreStudios and I specialize in WordPress blogs, CSS, XHTML and PHP


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