We have launched our new Enterprise Mobility solution for Productivity, Acceleration, Fast Delivery
Launching of Readers App
Our latest project Readers App was successfully launched for Dubai Government.
Our new Games uploaded in Appstore and google play
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Enterprise, Utility and Game App Development – Career, Scope and Industry Expectations

Venue: Aitrich Technologies Date: 31th DEC 2012 Time: 10:30 AM

Careers, Current trends and industry expectations

  • Introduction
  • Mobile App development is Fun & Lucrative
  • The Technologies (iOS, Android, Windows8 etc)
  • Enterprise Mobility Apps
  • Mobile Game Development – an Addictive & Enjoyable job
  • Utility Apps – Easy yet Attractive
  • Career & Scope as a Mobile App Developer
  • The Future of the industry
  • Q&A session with Shameer Kunjumohamad
  • Participants will get a participation certificate

iPhone & Android Team successfully submitted their apps in Appstore and Google Play.

Skip the Marbles – The game is a simple marble solitaire game which consists of a board with holes and marbles filled.
• The standard game fills the entire board with marbles except for the central hole.
• The goal of this classic Marble Solitaire strategy game is to remove
• As many marbles as possible, by “jumping” one marble over another, either horizontally or vertically.
• Tap and drag a marble, to move it over a marble to an empty space. Marble in between will be removed.
• No diagonal moves are allowed. The objective is making valid moves,to remove maximum number of marbles from the board.
• The player becomes more perfect and successive as the number of marbles remaining in
• The board is the least.Play ends when you are unable to move any marble.
Guess Finder – A simple fun filled cards game. There will be three deck of different cards.
• Just imagine a card from one deck and tap the corresponding.
• The card that you imagined will be displayed !!! Didn’t that wonder you.
• Well, try this app and have a lot of magical fun.

Santa Claus 1.1
• Santa Claus is a fun application! .This application will be so colorful and more enjoyable.
• We had created colorful screens which will be more pleasing to your eyes.The main aim of this app is to arrange the parts which has been scattered to form a Santa-Claus in a given time to make to more efficient.
• Timing is based on 3 levels which is Easy , Medium and Hard . When you click the hard level it shows you are so talented. “Slow and steady wins the race”.
• We are facing 3 levels in this app it will be more funny after completing each level you will be developing more confident to yourself in fixing the Santa-Claus. When the third level has over you will be entering to quiz part some brilliant questions will be there to test your ability and knowledge.
• The Questions is mainly based on Christmas Eve which may be so funny and intellectual it may lead to increase your knowledge.
• Then to rock is the final level, is our New-Year screen , in that you are going to burn the Santa-Claus which has created by you in those previous screen to welcome the New-Year to the new world.

Extreme Balloon – Festivities are incomplete without balloons. add to the festivities with Extreme Balloons. Want to have fun blowing and bursting Balloons. Extreme Balloons gives you a chance to pop as many balloons as you can and win points.
• Improve your score by challenging the power of your lungs by blowing balloons which get tougher and tougher.

Game Development in aitrich

Aitrich provides game development services by using pre-selected, highly experienced, well managed Indian work-force. Each staff works as a full-time Virtual Employee in one of our cutting edge, development centers.
Strong, dedicated management team providing delivery leadership infused with core values and deep domain knowledge. Aitrich brings with it access to deep skills and commitment to deliver best-in-class Game development solutions.

Aitrich’s Mobile game deployment team has a group of highly talented engineers, artists and testers who work round the clock to deploy mobile content to virtually every mobile device available in the market today. Aitrich offers cost-efficient porting solutions to publishers, developers and mobile manufacturers.

Restaurant App development

Aitrich is developing a Restaurant application system which helps you to maintain restaurant automation and total customer service. The restaurant application contains a mobile application for the restaurant which simplifies the order taking process in restaurants and minimizes the time required to take one order.
The restaurant Management System is a complete system for managing restaurant order operations. The system is made too user-friendly; to enable even lay man also can operate it easily.

Waiter can choose a table and take order by selecting respective items from item list. As soon as waiter finishes the order, that order with all the details, will get reflected in the kitchen. A person from kitchen has to choose particular item from respective order before processing the order. Waiter can add, edit or delete the order till he / she has not processed the bill for the order. Application will also provide some extensive reports which helps restaurant owner at the end of the day.

Sliding Panel

Here's our sliding panel/drawer made using jQuery with the toggle function and some CSS3 for the rounded corners

This panel could also be placed on the right. This could be particularly useful if, like me, you have a left-aligned website layout.

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